thank you for your interest!

We are so excited that you are interested in a career with the Springfield Dream Center! Please make sure you follow each of the steps when putting together your application packet. The current positions we have open are:

  • Facility Director


Who we are:The Springfield Dream Center exists as a hub of practical help and life-giving hope to families in Springfield, Missouri. Located within Zone 1, the Dream Center gives donors and supporters the opportunity to make a direct impact by providing food resources, life skills training and kid programs where they are needed most. 

What you can expect:

Exciting everchanging environment

Engaging fun interactive work environment 

Being part of a team that is committed to life change, hope and providing help to others

Growing organization that can provide opportunities for upward mobility 


If being part of winning team where you can directly see the impact of your talent and effort is appealing to you, we encourage you to apply. 

application packet instructions:

  1. Take some tests (click to open):

    1. Enneagram Assessment

    2. Myers Briggs Assessment

  2. Self Discovery:

    1. Complete this Work History and Self Assessment Form. Make sure to include the results from the tests completed in Step 1.

  3. Assemble Your Application Packet:

    1. Your finished application packet should include:

      1. Resume including 3 references

      2. Work History and Self Assessment including test scores

  4. SEND IT IN!

    1. Make sure you've completed each of the steps. We won't consider any applications that are not complete. Send it here.


If you have any questions regarding the application process or the job descriptions, please contact