Stories of Help and Hope

Difference by the Dollar

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We often diminish the value of a single dollar. We joke about it; “Don’t spend it all in one place!” We consider it pocket change, there to pay tolls, or buy a $1 large soft drink at McDonald’s when a craving strikes, or purchase a practical find at Dollar Tree. This collective “we” does not exclude any class. Yet to some, the single dollar holds a higher value, even if it is assigned the same purpose. When a family walks into the dream center, a large percentage bring with them a gas station drink or large McDonald’s cup. Our middle school kids love McDonald’s and Sonic because they know these places as somewhere that their pocket change can be put to good use. Our families value these $1 items, because they budget to purchase them, save their pennies to indulge in them, and know the difference that $1 makes. To some, $1 is the difference between getting their electricity turned off. To some, $1 is just 25 cents short of bus fare. To some, $1 is being able to provide a meal for their family. Every dollar truly counts.

We may recognize that 10 one dollar bills adds up to $10, but do we truly recognize the power and potential of each individual one dollar bill? I believe that we are all guilty of this oversight every once in a while, and sometimes all it takes is a sweet reminder. Our reminder came on Giving Tuesday, and it came in a flood. We had been hoping and praying for big donations, trying to reach our goal of $5,000. We were praying to the point of stress: “Will we make our goal? We need to make our goal!” Then one of our Dream Center moms walked in, gave us four quarters, and said, “Here’s my contribution for Giving Tuesday!” She was so proud, she was so kind, and she was so hopeful that her dollar would make a difference. It was such a sweet reminder, to see her come in, knowing that she could use that dollar to pay a bill, buy a soft drink or snack for one of her children, or use it for bus fare. The next day, we looked at our daily giving report to see if we met our goal. We exceeded our goal by $700! When we looked at the giving breakdown, we were so overwhelmed to see not two or three big donations, but several, incredibly kind donations of varying size. We saw a few $1 donations, we saw some $50 donations, and we saw another $20 donation from a young girl’s first paycheck. All of these people came together, gave what they could, recognized the power of $1, and helped us exceed a huge goal.

We currently have 2,135 people following us and supporting us online. If each of these supporters donated just one single dollar, we could provide: 1 month of community dinners, 4 months of after-school programming, or the renovation of 1 added classroom for after-school programming. As we are moving into the end of the year and working to fundraise for 2018 at the Dream Center, we are praying for donations to roll in. We assure you that each individual dollar will make an impact. The significance of $1 and the difference that it can make is substantial to a family that could use a little help and a whole lot of hope. As the year comes to a close, we ask that you would partner with us in the #differencebythedollar movement. We are thankful for each and every one of our supporters, those who give of their time, those who give of their resources, and those who love our families so well. When you participate in end of year giving this month, we hope that you are reminded of the difference that a dollar makes. To make a difference with your dollar this holiday season, visit!